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The CFT Project

The CFT is a long-term project built in my Copious Free TimeA term used, as always, sarcastically, hence the name.. It's a homebrew, self-designed, self-built Sixties-style 16-bit mini computer built out of 74xxx integrated circuits. Check out the project log for more rambling discussions of individual parts of the project. This page is now lagging behind the state of the project. Be sure to check the project log for up-to-date information. You could also check out all the photos and screenshots on Flickr, the Google Plus page, or visit the Facebook CFT 16-bit Mini-Computer page.

While I'm reintegrating CFT documentation onto this site, feel free to amuse yourself with this glorious bullet point list.

The Aims

What do I have to Show for Myself Now?

Not much is ready to be published, but quite a lot has been done.

Currently it's a bit of a task keeping all of this in sync as I find bugs in one that influence the others, but things are slowly settling down.