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Data Recovery… Not

This guy wrote a message to linux-greek-users, a Linux-related mailing list for Greek users. Although he's Greek, his message was in (less than perfect) English. This sort of thing sets my IS_FLAMER flag. I replied in a similar manner (this is funnier if you can read obfuscated UNIX shell scripts). There's an explanation of the script and a translation of the (latinised — by necessity, the mailing list only talked US-ASCII) Greek bits at the bottom.

In Weneday, 28 Februari 2001, Zero Comrade writed:

> So, I want to recover some lost data after format
> Is there any good utility out there (for Win98)?

  Sorry about Iglish, I not speak the good. [1]

  You use simple script down for to make data recover partition /dev/hda1.
Be a patent, takes long time. [3]


# Fix partition. Generate "" file of fixed partition.
# You uncompress in clean dos.

# No touch anything down there
$prog if=$partition bs=$[1:00p258**44$$^>4$,1-:#v_v
| Alexios Chouchoulas, the Unpronounceable One | 4$#^; BEFUNGE97 ;^#_@#:-1$>#<
|        | 4*2-*26g00*:-*58:<vg3/*48+*:$
=-----=[   `Eimai mia micri soupiera'   ]=-----= #@@@ooo:::...  .    .     .

What the script does: creates a file with a basic ZIP header, then proceeds to fill it with random numbers (or, more accurately, data from the partition being ‘recovered’, converted to EBCDIC and written to the ‘ZIP file’ 256 MBytes at a time). It doesn't really terminate: any modern computer1 will run out of main and peripheral memory long before that.

The footnotes translated:

[1] What's the list's official language? Cause if there isn't one, I'll get a few linguist friends of mine to translate all questions in (terrible quality) ancient Egyptian. Ankh kak.

[2] STR.

[3] Exercise for the reader: define the term ‘trust’ as used in systems security in 10 words, without using terms such as ‘dildo’, ‘script kiddy', and other modern Greek particles [4,5]. (this won't make sense if you don't know any Greek).

[4] (oi) you.

[5] W\141nker.

  • 1 Obviously, any modern computer at the time this was written.