This is a reference card for the CFT processor (and some aspects of the base system).

It's meant to be printed on a dot matrix printer in condensed mode (132 columns per line), or on a more modern device (in which case it prints in landscape). The source is in text (for dot matrix printing), but Postscript and PDF versions are also supplied.

The reference card is currently four sides of A4. I initially attempted to go for the standard A4 triptych: three narrow columns printed in landscape. This couldn't fit all the information I needed, though.

The reference card includes a pin-out of the CFT Processor Control and Expansion Buses with information on the directionality of the various signals.

It also includes a table of all machine instructions, including many single-instruction macros and some extended instructions (single instructions that operate hardware). For each instruction, the following is listed:

  • instruction mnemonic,
  • the instruction in hexadecimal,
  • instruction format in binary, showing the meaning of all 16 bits,
  • the number of cycles each instruction runs in,
  • the machine flags (potentially) affected by the instruction,
  • what addressing modes are available for each instruction,
  • the type of the instruction (flow control, memory I/O, macro, extended instruction, etc.),
  • an English description of what the instruction does, and
  • the instruction's semantics.

If you've used computers at the Assembly or machine code level before, this reference card could be all you need to learn about the CFT architecture, rather than reading the relevant chapter in the CFT Book.

CFT Reference Card (PDF)

CFT Reference Card (text file)