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I've generally nothing to do with party politics, but I find these parties a bit amusing and certainly weird enough to include here. For all you politics maniacs out there, I'm not judging concepts and claimed objectives! I'm also not subscribing to any of their positions. The criterion is obscurity and weirdness.

Sadly, though I do exercise my right to vote, I don't vote in areas where the weirder single-candidate parties operate, so I don't have interesting voting slips these days. If you have any of them, please feel free to send them to me!

These slips are all ancient: I got them from a friend 27 years, so the scans are absolutely abysmal. The source material was pretty bad too, though—black and white with cheap, bad printing.

Party for Humanity and Peace

The party for Humanity and Peace. According to the single candidate, the party maintains good contact with the Martian and Venusian ambassadors on Earth (for some unknown reason both live in Greece), in the ultimate attempt to save humanity. They even regulate world politics in secret (with the help of the President of the United States).

The Party for Humanity and Peace

Party of Greek Hunters

Here's one of the less obscure (but strange, all the same) ones: the party of Greek Hunters. Their logo is Artemis (the hunter goddess, Apollo's twin, romanised as Diana) and her deer. The motto underneath reads ‘Nature – Hunting – Fishing – Tradition’. They have one candidate.

The Party of Greek Hunters


And behold my personal favourite: the Christopistia party (no such word; its components translate loosely to ‘Christ Faith’). They have two candidates; one is the dodgy-looking chap with the blissful expression; the other is his mum (seriously). He received 66 votes in the 1993 elections where this slip comes from. If you can read Greek, the Greek Wikipedia has an article on this party.


Self-Respect and Truth Party

The party for Self-Respect and Truth. Note the candidate on the mule. He practices self-respect by going up and down Athens, inviting people to join him (and his mule).

The Party for Self-Respect and Truth

Natural Law Party

The party for Natural Law. My guess is they intend to uphold natural laws (i.e. apples fall downwards, people are first born and then die, Windows crashes, etc.)

Natural Law Party