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BedroomLAN To Do List

This is probably of no interest to anyone.

  • Display breadcrumbs
  • Make tags visible, provide index pages
  • Implement ‘Right’ type images in cmImage (e.g. in Acrobase FAQ)
  • Fix styling of figure captions (too wide)
  • Add CFT Book
  • Add remainder Tools and Toys content
  • Add Megistos
  • Add Untarmaseanas
  • Add old photography articles
  • Download box: for long download names, select and button tags appear on different lines.
  • New SVG Oric C logo appears letterboxed in tile.
  • TeX sometimes quations appear with a black background, not transparent.
  • The ANSI Rasteriser doesn't display properly on portrait mobile devices.
  • Add nicer 403 and 404 error pages.
  • Semantics for migrating LaTeX documents to HTML and back.
    • Section hierarchy
    • Glossaries/Abbreviations
    • Figures
    • Intra-document links
    • Tables
    • Interactive figures