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This is a web version of my ANSI to PNG converter. Written in Python, it simulates a PC’s text mode using different VGA text fonts and renders colourful BBS graphics, affectionately known as ANSI (after the ANSI.SYS MS-DOS driver that rendered them back in the day).

The converter will accept any text file with a subset of ANSI X3.64 escape sequences. It supports all the escape sequences ANSI.SYS supported.

The Python software behind this tool is ansi2img, available here.

Unlike the VGA screen, the virtual screen grows automatically to accommodate long ANSI art. Many systems had intros that numbered several screens of art. Such artwork can now be displayed in full, though you may still need to shrink the images.

Known Issues

9×16 fonts aren't supported yet.

The virtual framebuffer doesn't grow horizontally yet, so you're limited to 80-column ANSI works.

ANSI2img emulates the DOS ANSI.SYS behaviour exactly. This implies that, if you set a background colour and go past the last column of the line, the virtual cursor wraps around.