• Alexios

If you're Disqusted by Disqus comments, or you care about your privace and want to ensure the BedroomLAN site has fewer cookies, and you happen to use AdBlock Plus, you can add the following pattern to your block list:


This will hide the entire section, and the Disqus iframe will never be loaded. To add a pattern:

  1. Go the AdBlock Plus settings.
  2. Hit the ‘Advanced’ Tab.
  3. Scroll all the way down.
  4. Press the ‘Edit Filters’ button.
  5. Add www.bedroomlan.org###comments on a line all its own.
  6. Save.
How to disable comments on the BedroomLAN site

Disabling comments.

Can't you just add a ‘hide comments’ button?

Remembering you don't want to see the comments across page loads, devices, etc. would require something to store your preferences: a user account, login credentials, cookies, etc. Since the BedroomLAN site purposefully doesn't have user accounts or stored state, this can't ever happen. On the upside, you know we value your privacy. We can't abuse something we don't even have.